Three-minute stress relief. Every time. Just in time.
Faino will help you cope with stress and emotions. The app to regain calmness and efficiency.
Help to get back to normal
  • When stress is overwhelming and you’re losing control

  • During difficult conversations, to "not mess things up"
To be your best at the right time
  • To make important decisions in situations of uncertainty

  • To pull yourself together before an important meeting or exam

  • To calmly help your children with their homework
To increase your resilience to stress
  • When you regularly experience negative emotions and thoughts

  • In a tough period in your life, when everything annoys or frustrates you

  • When unsettling events prevent you from relaxing or returning to work
help me?
How can
feel a reduction in stress levels immediately after doing the exercises
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Tension decreases, you feel better and can go back to work or relax
When you feel stress, anxiety, or other strong negative emotions
You do exercises in 3 — 5 minutes by following Faino’s short and clear instructions
Faino will remind you to do the exercises before an important event or difficult situation
How does Faino work?
It helps quickly
Always available
Communicate with the program, not with a person
Is it convenient?
Faino was created by professional psychologists. Faino applies methods of cognitive-behavioural therapy, which are evidence-based.
Does it really work?

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Manage stress so that stress doesn’t manage you
Faino doesn’t replace communication with a mental health specialist, and doesn’t solve internal and external problems. Faino’s task is to help you quickly "here and now".
Email us at team@faino.app
We believe that mental support should be available to everyone who needs it. Please use and share a free psychological support chatbot for people in crisis situations. Read more at faino.help.